T2 Pro CO2 Controller 7A


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TechGrow T-2 Pro Co2 Controller

This renewed controller is now more simpler in use and connectable to many other TechGrow products. The T-2 Pro can display, measure and control CO2, humidity and temperature values, next to registering min/max values.


  • -All CO2 settings are equal to the T-1 Pro.
  • -Extraction of excess CO2 and humidity during the night.
  • -Unique calibration menu for adjusting every box, regardless of the size.
  • -LED indicator for CO2 dosage, light detection and a stable climate.
  • -Controls CO2, temperature and humidity simultaneously.
  • -All settings are saved during power outages.
  • -Dimmer power available in 7A and 14A versions.
  • -All set-, hysteresis- and alarm values are separately adjustable.
  • -Quickmenu for a fast summary of all settings and measurements.
  • -The fan can be operated automatically or manually.
  • -Fan and CO2 outlets are fused separately.
  • -The fan-control is adjustable in steps of 10%.
  • -Includes an unique feature where the fan can be adjusted in two simple steps.
  • -Connectable to multiple TechGrow devices.
  • -DIN-rail mountable.
  • -Possibility to connect the Techgrow Datalogger (DL-1).
  • -Possibility to connect the Techgrow SMS module (AM-T).
  • The T-2 Pro is only compatible with a TechGrow S-4 sensor.

  • Excl. sensor (S4 required)

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