T1 Pro CO2 Controller


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TechGrow T1 Pro Co2 Controller

This completely redesigned controller is just as easy to use as the other TechGrow Devices with which it is compatible. The TechGrow T-1 Pro measures and controls the CO2 value in an area. It automatically switches between day and night modes by means of the external sensor.

Our new Pro Series has a solid and robust splash-proof casing and is controlled entirely through its single Push & Turn button. The T-1 Pro controller is also equipped with a min/max memory to display the minimum and the maximum CO2 value in an area. The external CO2 sensor is connected with a default UTP cable, allowing you to perform measurements anywhere in the area, ranging between 300 ppm - 2.000 ppm or between 300 - 10.000 ppm.

With the new built-in dosing-delay and timer it offers the perfect solution for precise and accuracy-dependent dosing.
The new T-1 Pro also comes with a built-in dosage counter, which allow you to keep track of your COusage.

The T-1 Pro controller now provides an easier way into long-term progression and overall improvement.

Management of your growing environment will be better than ever before!

Excl. sensor !! (S2 or S4 required)

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