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TechGrow Humi Dual Pro humidity controller

The Humi Dual Pro controls both your humidifier and dehumidfier without the need for switching between separate controllers.

  • TechGrow uses the most accurate sensors available on the market to ensure an optimal indoor climate.
  • Setpoint and hysteresis will be preserved during power outages.

  • Furthermore, the Humi Dual Pro is equipped with an LCD display to read out the current humidity.

  • Features:

  • -Adjustable between 10% - 90% relative humidity.
  • -Switches the humidifier and dehumidifier both on and off.
  • -Switches the humidifier and dehumidifier on/off with a 230V relay.
  • -LED indicates when the Humi Dual Pro is active and a stable climate is reached.
  • -Humidifier and dehumidifier are fused separately (7A respectively 14A).
  • -Memory for setpoint and hysteresis in case of power outages.
  • -Connecting the sensor is done with a standard network cable (UTP).
  • -Automatically detects broken cable or bad connection of the connected sensors.
  • -Connectable to multiple TechGrow devices.
  • -Sensor not included; sensors are available separately.
  • -Possibility to connect the Techgrow Datalogger (DL-1).

  • Excl. sensor (Temp/RH sensor required)

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